Friday, 30 December 2016

Looking Back on 2016 and Welcoming 2017

It's been a great year of adventure and art making with my children, husband, and friends. 2016 marked the launch of my website, this Blog, photographing my Land Art, making tools from the landscape and so much more. Here are some of my favorite projects from this year.

 Mixed media - wood fiber and watercolor on a wood panel
Mounted in a pallet wood frame 

Birch bark art journal - salvaged charcoal and berry inks

Birthday collaboration with my son Paul

 Tools from the landscape - berry ink, stick pens, and quill pens

 Mixed media - reclaimed metal on salvaged plywood and acrylics

 Birch bark fringe

 Insect art pendants 

 Land Art - Zen

Land Art - Rainbow

 Birch bark bracelets

Mixed media - wood fiber on a canvas panel

 Winter tree candle holder with a rainbow crystal

Secret door - scroll sawed tree painted with acrylics

Handmade beads from sticks

As I look back on these projects I can see my love of trees and the natural world sprinkled everywhere. I plan on exploring more of Canada's forests in 2017. From the temperate rainforest in British Columbia to the subalpine forest in Alberta, grasslands in Saskatchewan, boreal forest in Manitoba and deciduous forests in Southern Ontario. I've been dreaming about visiting some of BC's forests since I was a teenager. I'm pretty sure my poster of Cathedral Grove is still hanging in my parent's house. Here's to many blissful moments with trees and feeling inspired by new ideas and projects. Happy 2017 my friends!

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