Monday, 3 October 2016

WildArt at Fish Creek

This week we set out to make leaf prints with black tempura paint and a handmade brayer (roller). Finding the materials was easy enough but whittling the small poplar branch to fit snugly inside the Y-shaped willow branch, while still being able to roll, took a little time and perseverance. We planned on wrapping a piece of leather around the roller to absorb the paint but decided to leave it bare and roll it as a stamp instead.

We were pretty excited to see it roll across the paper and then it popped out. I squeezed it back in and we tried again. This happened many times. We might need to work on our design a bit :) This led to leaf prints, rock prints, and stick scratches. It was very messy and very fun.

Paul with our prints

A close up of the brayer

 Heading home


  1. fantastic set up and the happiness shows on the children's faces. Wonderful way to spend a day.