Sunday, 23 October 2016

Making Jewelry from Salvaged Metal

While most of my time is spent outdoors creating art and jewelry with salvaged wood, there is a part of me that loves reusing old bits of metal in mixed media art and jewelry. The environmentalist in me is happy to give these discarded pieces a new life and the artist in me feels inspired by the beauty of each unique piece that I find. 

Over the past few years, I have gathered many interesting pieces of metal from garages and workshops. 

I thought these were so unique and beautiful that they should be worn by someone.

 Goddess Pendant - Made from an antique swivel link

Goddess Pendant - Made from an antique lock cover

 Brass Pendant - Made from an old piece of hardware


  1. These are beautiful. My favorite one is the 2nd. as it is the most delicate although the other two are nothing to sneeze at. Great work again.

    1. Thanks :) I'll have to show you the earrings I made.