Monday, 26 September 2016

WildArt at Glenmore Reservoir

We biked down to Glenmore Reservor this morning with our blackcurrant ink. We gathered feathers from the beach to make quill pens and then searched for something to draw on. Mark whittled some pieces of driftwood and then "painted" them. He discovered that the feathers make a great paintbrush! Pretty soon both boys were dying the feathers with the ink, which resulted in beautiful quill pens. Since I only had one piece of paper, Paul and I decided to draw on rocks. It was so much fun! It's amazing how many colors we got from one ink.

Mark painting his sticks

Mark's sticks

 Rocks with blackcurrant ink

 Dyed quill pens


  1. What you did with Paul and Mark at the reswervoir is wonderful. I love the pens and the painted rocks. maybe they can find a rock here next spring and paint them like the ones in the photo, then we could place them next to their trees/ shrub.