Monday, 29 August 2016

A Different Path

Over the weekend I had a lot of fun making beads out of ash, birch and willow branches. It's a slightly time consuming process but I really enjoy it. I'm always amazed at how each bead is so beautiful and unique. 

Willow Beads with Beeswax

When we were in the forest today, we decided to explore an unfamiliar trail. While I was making some land art my sons noticed several dead birch logs and branches on the ground. They started hitting them against a tree for fun and were surprised and delighted when the rotten wood inside started crumbling away, leaving perfect tubes of birch bark. We talked about all the cool things we could make with them; fairy tunnels, swings, garlands and bracelets!!!  I grabbed my knife and started cutting them up to make bracelets. 

When i got home, I started experimenting. First with sand paper and beeswax and then watercolors. I think they're simply beautiful. They have this incredible iridescent finish and they're much stronger than I expected them to be. I'm so happy we decided to take a different path today.  



  1. these are unbelievable.What a treasure find.
    Congratulations again.

  2. The birch bark bracelets are wonderful!

    1. Thank you! With the beeswax finish they feel like leather. They were so much fun to make.

    2. That is very interesting to know that beeswax has that effect on the birch bark! I imagine I'll be wanting to play around with that, at some point. Thanks!