Saturday, 4 June 2016

Making Tools from the Landscape: Quill Pens, Berry Ink and Clay Pots

It's been a great day. I biked down to the water with Paul this morning and he found clay! We were giddy and instantly started making clay pots for our inks and paints. It wasn't long before we had a bunch drying in the sun. But how were we going to get them home? We had our bikes! We asked my husband if he wouldn't mind swinging by with a box to carry them home. Our pots spent the rest of the day drying in the sun in our garden. The larger ones have a few crack but the smaller pots are looking great. 

Paul gathering clay

Our pots drying in the sun

Drying in our garden

While we were watching our pots dry on the beach we gathered two feathers to make quill pens. I've had lots lot of fun using the pens that we made from sticks and I was excited to make and use a quill pen. I also thought it would be fun to add another color of ink so I dug around in our freezer and found some blackcurrents from last summer. I filled a dish and let them thaw in the sun. The juice that was left was a deep, beautiful red. 

My next step was to make the quill pens so I grabbed Nick Neddo's  book and followed his instructions. I'm super happy with how it all turned out.  

Getting ready to make quill pens

Using the pens with the coffee and berry inks

My ink art   

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