Monday, 6 June 2016

Making Tools From the Landscape: Pigments and Paints

We made paint today from mineral pigments and it was just as great as I imagined it would be. My sons discovered over the weekend that sedimentary rocks were the easiest to crush with a hammer and then grind into a powder with a mortar and pedestal, so when we got to the creek this morning we searched for colorful sedimentary rocks. Here's what the process looked like. 

Paul testing different rocks 

 Smashing and grinding rocks beside the creek

Some of the pigments we made

Getting ready to add our binders - spit or egg whites. The boys loved this part.

Here are the paintings that we made. 





We are loving this journey into the world of making our own tools from the landscape. More to come:)


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    1. Thanks! So happy you told me about him. We're going to make charcoal this week:)

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