Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Art and Ecological Consciousness

I've been thinking a lot about what inspires me to create and what materials I like working with and how this continues to evolve. I want each piece that I make to be unique, beautiful and reflect my ecological conscience. Lately, I've enjoyed making my own tools from the landscape. It's very satisfying to grind rocks to make pigment for paint, gather feathers and sticks to draw with and make ink from the berries in my garden. Through this process, I also feel more connected to this place that I call home. 

At the same time, I love working with wood. It's the process of salvaging wood from the forest and reclaiming discarded wood that excites me. I enjoy the hunt and the surprise of what lies beneath the bark or the dirt. I also like that my art doesn't mean that more trees are being cut down. 

Since I got back from my trip to Winnipeg I've been inspired to use old bits of metal in my art. The Rusty Tree is an expression of my love for the natural world and the importance of reducing our consumption of raw materials and reusing what we have. Other than the acrylic paint and water-based ink, everything in this piece has been reclaimed. The barbed wire was found hanging out of a tree in the mountains by my son, the wooden planks came from an old patio chair that my neighbor was throwing away, the paper was taken from the reuse pile in my studio and the pieces of metal came from my father in law's stash. 


  1. You have an art form that keeps surprising us in so many ways.
    This piece is truly beautiful.keep up with your many new ideas.