Monday, 28 March 2016

Bringing Nature Into Your Home: Week 5

I'm a little late this week because I've been down with a cold. With all this time indoors lately I started noticing that most of the pictures and paintings in my house are of landscapes. I've been unconsciously bringing nature indoors for years!

These days I don't have to go very far to be surrounded by nature but that wasn't always the case. I spent many years living in big cities surrounded by concrete and small manicured parks, far from the wild places that my heart craved. I decorated my small apartments with pictures, posters and artwork that took me outside to the places that I loved. I remember vividly this one poster of Cathedral Grove that I bought when I was in University. Cathedral Grove is a forest of giant Douglas Fir trees on Vancouver Island, some more than 800 years old. It hung in my kitchen for years, providing me with a window when I didn't have one. That image made me smile and brought me peace. I'm planning a trip out to the coast this summer, maybe I'll finally make it there after all these years.

Take a look through your photographs, maybe there's one that's worth framing? Or maybe you can pick something up at a local art market? I got this one of Oak Hammock Marsh from a photographer in Winnipeg.

Oak Hammock Marsh, Manitoba 

Tobmstone Territorial Park, Yukon

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